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Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

January, 13, 2018

2017 was another mellow year with a few memorable highlights.

Why I Suck at Writing and Publishing Consistently

September, 18, 2017

A short article on why I suck at writing/publishing consistently and what I’m going to do to fix it.

Happy First Birthday Silas

January, 4, 2017

I learned so much this year; from your first bath a year ago to your little fart that woke you up this morning. Happy Birthday, Son, I love you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

January, 1, 2017

I started 2016 with a new job and a new baby, which set the tone for a busy year. There were some rough spots along the way but overall, it was an excellent year.

We Made it Through Another Winter

May, 4, 2016

Winters in Minnesota can be tough… they get cold, long, and even a little depressing sometimes.

Introducing our Baby Boy Silas Gabriel

January, 10, 2016

A couple of days ago we announced the birth of our baby boy (Silas Gabriel) on social media but I wanted to share it on my blog so that I have a permanent record of this wonderful experience and to be able to share it with friends and family members that do not follow those channels.

Our First Real Christmas Tree

December, 6, 2015

We finally got to cut down our own Christmas tree! We named it Nacho:)

We Are Having A Baby

July, 29, 2015

A life changing event that we are extremely excited bout and ready to share with the world.

My First Macbook Pro

March, 22, 2015

It took lots of saving and weeks of research but I finally got a Macbook Pro.

Happy Third Anniversary My Love

March, 2, 2015

A love letter to my lovely wife on our third anniversary.