Hello World

Selvin Ortiz / November 20, 2014

Today marks a new era, a new day in which I plan to begin journaling my life as a Christian, Husband, Father, Developer, Student, Educator, and everything in between.

The web and what it means to be a web developer has drastically changed since I created my first table based layout with spacer gifs. I myself have changed as well and have learned so many new things and it felt like the right time to step out of my comfort zone and begin sharing what I can in hopes to help others and make the web a better place.

In the span of 12+ years I’ve made 3 attempts at maintaining my own blog and 3 times I’ve failed, largely due to my busy schedule, responsibilities, and time constraints. This time I feel it will be different, with the help of Craft CMS, the many interesting new technologies and tools I’m learning, and the help of my wife, writing on a consistent basis may finally be a reality!

I can’t promise that I will blow your mind with what I write but I promise to be honest and unbiased with my reviews, thorough in my research and sprinkle a little fun wherever I can.

The content will vary between design, development, photography, and life in general.

Hope to see you back on the next article!