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Interview With Brandon Kelly On Craft CMS

July 23, 2015 by

Last week, Brandon and I got on a hangout to chat about Craft (as we do every now and then) only this time, we decided to record audio so that we could share it with all crafters.

Disclaimer #

I am a hardcore developer but not much of a presenter/interviewer, so please forgive my lack of eloquence, low quality sound, and general ramblings.

If you’re into Craft, you should checkout The Craft Podcast for a much more polished production.

On Deck #

I really enjoyed recording and publishing this "interview" and adding support for Sound Cloud to my blog, so I plan on doing this sort of thing again.

Next time, I hope to interview the man in charge for most of the work that has gone into Assets for Craft. That man, is the critically acclaimed programming genius Andris Ševčenko.

Though I’m not sure he knows about it yet, sorry Andris:)

Feedback #

Your feedback and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

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