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Merry Christmas and Happy 2018

January 13, 2018 by

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2017 was another mellow year with a few memorable highlights.

Silas #

Silas had his first birthday at the beginning of the year. He enjoyed hitting the piñata and eating strawberries on his birthday cake.

As the year was ending, we told him his second birthday was coming and that was all he could talk about until his second birthday actually came. He wanted balloons, piñata, and cake with strawberries on it.

We’ve watched him grow into a very chatty, active, and fun little toddler.

Silas loves books and his collection keeps growing. He is a big fan of dinosaurs and any book with a sky, moon, and starts.

A few months ago, we got him an indoor/outdoor trampoline that is way too big for him and takes up most of the space in his room. But he won’t let us take it out, so we have to wait till it’s warm outside, maybe then we’ll convince him to let us set it up in the back year.

Grayson #

The trip to St. Louis, MO was probably one of Grayson’s favorites things he got to do in 2017. He traveled there with his marching band to compete in Bands of America. I was lucky enough to be by his side as he experienced that for the first time.

Marching Band
Rookie Grayson slept his first night under a bed in another room. Missing his first breakfast and part of practice. Great start!

We made it through our first marching band season as a family, and onto our first drumline season.

I don’t know what drumline will be like, compared to marching band. But I hear that everything is done indoors and usually on a smaller scale. So we’ll see how that goes.

Bowling league… it has basically spread us thin in the house. And the almost constant in-house practice between the boys! And the redrilling of every ball till Grayson has MAYBE finally found a grip he likes!

Family #

We cut down our third Christmas tree together and successfully hosted our second family Christmas party. So, the family tradition continues…

We enjoyed a pretty big batch of tamales that lasted well past the new year. I think one of the highlights of the Christmas party was the firepit and the wonderful smell of burning wood in the cold, snowy weather.

New (used) Vehicle
We traded in our little Kia Spectra for a Saturn Outlook. A family sized vehicle for hauling boys and their toys.

Look out for a rant on that purchase later…

Fun Details #

  • My wife started making her own version of Bullet Proof Coffee. Fancy and delicious!
  • Grayson and Silas’ independent sides fully emerging and parents who are doing their best through the changes
  • My wife and I managed to go out on a couple of dates, but hopefully, we’ll go out on a lot more this year
  • We are set on going on a road trip this year, really hoping to make that happen

That’s It #

Sorry for the rushed, disorganized article. Our boys are keeping me busy and I don’t have time to make this look pretty or coherent ;)