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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

January 1, 2017 by

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I started 2016 with a new job and a new baby, which set the tone for a busy year. There were some rough spots along the way but overall, it was an excellent year.

Here is my attempt at a year in review.

I got a new job #

I started a new job at Kingdom Advisors and had a very successful year.

I got to know and work with an amazingly talented and caring bunch that enjoy doing meaningful work.

We had successful conferences throughout the year, began updating core training material, migrated our website to a new hosting environment, and launched a bunch of new features and workflow improvements.

Looking forward to a busy 2017!

We had a baby boy #

Silas will turn one year old in three days and I am extremely proud of how my wife Penny, my stepson Grayson, and I have been able to come together to make the best of every situation while getting through the first year of Silas’ life.

Silas has a big personality and the cutest laugh in the world. He is strong, incredibly smart, and very active.

He learned to walk over a month ago, and his emotional IQ seems through the roof.

He makes me appreciate the fact that I get to work from home.

Grayson became a teenager #

My stepson, Grayson, turned 13 years old in June and he is gearing up for high school later this year.

He did a lot of skateboarding, long boarding, biking, and hunting.

He took up bowling and joined a junior league at the end of fall; he even got me hooked. We’ve been bowling a lot lately and will probably be playing a ton this year.

Grayson is quickly turning into a young man who is maturing in every area; I’m glad to be along for the ride.

We had some rough times #

2016 was not perfect; we had some rough times to get through.

My dad had an accident at work and had to get knee surgery, and my grandma has had ongoing health issues for which there seems to be no cure. The distance (they live in Guatemala) makes it all more difficult but I think all of this has brought us closer together and I’m thankful for that.

I think the hardest thing was experiencing my wife’s loss when her Gramma Evelyn passed away, which happened just a few days before Christmas.

Her grandma was a very influential person in her life; I can only imagine what she’s going through.

Losing somebody you love is the hardest thing, no doubt. All we can do is respect their wishes, honor their memory, and make them proud.

We continued our Christmas tradition #

We started a new tradition in 2015; To bring home a real Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

We pick a tree from a tree farm and name it before bringing it in, which makes for a fun time out in the cold.

Nacho had a good Christmas in 2015 and Buddy looked amazing in 2016. Buddy was the name my wife gave our tree in honor of one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf, which we’ve watched a bunch of times.

Buddy was a beautiful Balsam Fir that we harvested at the Hansen Tree Farm about half an hour away from our house.

We even got a family photo while we were out there, which is a big bonus;)

We hosted our big family for Christmas #

We didn’t think we could pull this one off, especially with a tiny baby needing our attention but we made it and it was super fun!

My wife put together lots of crafts, games, and treats for the kids. For the adults, we had yummy food, fun word searches, and a couple of games that included prizes.

We had Guatemalan Tamales, smoked turkey legs, grilled Ribeye (which I marinated for 8 hours), garlic butter mushrooms, cheesy mash potatoes, etc.

My wife also made a delicious cheese ball, but apparently, no one in our family knew what it was because nobody touched it.

Oh, because it would not be Christmas without Wassail, my wife made a big pot of it:)

Here is to the new year! #

We feel very optimistic about 2017 and hope to be able to make many new memories.

As a family we want to:

  • Build stronger relationships
  • Bring extended family together
  • Make wise decisions about our future
  • Travel around and explore other states


  • I want to:
  • My wife wants to:
    • Learn something new
    • Make every day count
    • Carry on family traditions
  • Grayson wants to:
    • Bowl a 200+ game
    • Play baseball in high school
  • Silas wants to:
    • Learn to talk
    • See lots of new places

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year #

We hope you had a great Christmas filled with family, food, and fun.

We also hope that 2017 will be a prosperous year for you and your family and that you get to make great memories. Lots of them!