More Quality Time With Family In 2015

Selvin Ortiz / January 3, 2015

I have to admit that I was very selfish wit my time in 2014

I focused on:

  • My Job
  • My Studies
  • My Personal Projects
  • My Volunteer Role at [Church][ebc]

These are all good things but looking back at my wife’s Facebook feed makes me realize how much I missed and all the times I simply wasn’t there with them.

Time is the most valuable resource I have and I realize now that my Time is Money mentality has not yielded the results I wanted for me and my family. I know we did not make enough memories together and that kinda makes 2014 a year to improve upon.

In retrospect, 2014 was not a bad year, in fact, we feel very blessed and have many reasons to be thankful for.

Brief recap of 2014 #

I enjoyed full time employment at [Barrel Strength Design][bsd] and got to know a lot awesome people in the web development community.

My wife ([Penny][poptwitter]) quit her 9 to 5 and began pursuing her childhood dream of being a professional lifestyle photographer. Through hard work, faith in God, and support from family and friends, she has successfully launched her [Photography Business][popfacebook] and I can confidently say that this is what she was meant to do!

Our 11 year old boy (Grayson) has matured a lot, he joined Ground Zero and got to do lots of cool things. More surprisingly though, is the fact that he now takes naps during the day, cares about his breath (sorta), and even styles his hair. WHAT?!

We also got to visit my mother a few times and were there for her when she needed us most and that made her very happy:)

Final thoughts #

As you can hopefully tell, I’m not bitter about 2014 because we had good times and made some good memories but I know that getting my priorities straight and focusing on becoming a better role model to my boy and a better husband to my wife, will be the most rewarding thing I could aim for in 2015.

I am not setting out to change the world but I am committed to making personal changes to make my world a better place for my family to live in.

What about you? #

What do you plan to accomplish in 2015 to make it a more meaningful year?