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We Are Having A Baby

July 29, 2015 by

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We’re very happy and proud to share some good news with you all… we are having a baby;)

Infinitely Blessed #

We had been told that the prospects of having a baby were not great due to several factors but after three years of having come to terms and being genuinely content with that, God decided to give us a chance.

I really don’t think that words are enough to express how amazing this is and how infinitely blessed we are.

Happy Family #

This baby will be responsible for growing our family and for giving us a chance to experience new roles in our lives.

My wife will become a mother for the second time. Our 12 year old son Grayson (my stepson) will graduate from only child to big brother, and I will be graduating from awesome stepdad to really cool dad!

Pregnancy Details #

  1. We are now on week sixteen
  2. Gender is not confirmed but it looks like a boy
  3. Due date is January 2016

Chosen Names #

My wife and I had a lot of fun picking our baby’s name and since we don’t know the gender yet (not for sure anyway), here is our top choice for each.

Girl: Ivy Lynne
Boy: Silas Gabriel

Fun Fact #

As soon as my wife and I agreed on the names, I went ahead and purchased and

Is this overboard? Maybe.

Are we counting our chickens before they hatch? No, we’re just trusting God.

Thank You #

We are extremely thankful to our family and friends who have been praying for us and supporting us. The first few weeks were very difficult for my wife health wise, but she is doing better and the doctor tells us that the baby is doing well to.

We ask that you keep us in your prayers and also help us celebrate this great gift God is giving us.

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