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We Made it Through Another Winter

May 4, 2016 by

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We toughed it out through another Minnesota winter.

Winters in Minnesota can be tough… they get cold, long, and even a little depressing sometimes. However, because we had our baby in early January, this winter was actually kinda fun;)

We have been looking forward to warmer weather though, daydreaming about taking our boys to nearby parks and on vacation up north.

Our older boy Grayson, is becoming a teenager in about a month and Silas turned 4 months old today. I’m pretty sure we’ll have our hands full this summer:)

Summers are awesome #

I don’t mind winter… I enjoy the slower pace and colder nights but it doesn’t come close to summer. I absolutely love summer!

Even a mundane walk around the neighborhood is a lot more enjoyable in the summer and spending time with family and making memories is so much easier as well.

Aside from spending time with my family, these are the three things I enjoy the most about summer:

Green Grass #

My wife loves pretty flowers, big trees, and everything that blooms. I like all that too but the feeling of putting your feet on fresh grass, is mood altering:) Seriously!


Outdoor Grilling #

Few things are as good as the smell of charcoal, when hickory smoke gently spreads over a nice cut of meat. Of course, I enjoy cooking vegetables and other edible things but…


High Speed Longboarding #

I’ll admit it, the high speed thing is just a pipe dream:) I’m 5’ 11" and weigh 255 pounds, so I have to take it easy or I’m gonna break my teeth one of these days.

Then again, longboarding is so much fun and Minnesota has so many nice parks that are friendly to beginners as well as advanced riders. Longboarding takes me back to a time when riding a broom like it was a horse, made me feel like I was flying.


Here is to summer #

Last year, I committed to spending more quality time with my family and I’m renewing that commitment this year. Especially since we have another member of the family to show a good time!

Having good health and the means to do fun things with my family is something I often take for granted but I’ve been working on making it a priority. I am so blessed to have such great family to spend time with… doing fun activities and going to nice places are a bonus.

I hope you and your family get to make great memories this summer and if you know of any cool spots for riding, picnicking, camping, splashing, or relaxing… please let me know:)

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