Why I Suck at Writing and Publishing Consistently

Selvin Ortiz / September 18, 2017

I have dozens of partially written articles in categories such as: Craft CMS, Personal Finances, Startups, etc. But I’ve failed to finish and publish them because of poor planning.

I love writing and talking about technical topics. However, I seem to prioritize other things, and I simply haven’t made it a habit to write consistently and to have a routine for doing so.

I need a routine #

Having a routine helps me learn things quickly and have discipline. I know that if I have a clear, step by step process and a reason why… I stick to it.

While learning to play golf a few years ago, I practiced my swing tirelessly and worked on having a routine that would promote consistency, which eventually helped me enjoy the game more.

When I started going bowling with my Stepson, I again, tried to focus on learning the foundations of a reliable approach and release. Having a clear routine has allowed me to enjoy the game more.

When I read a new book or learn a new programming language, my approach is the same. At the core, is a consistent, repeatable routine.

Why not have a routine for writing? #

I guess I never thought about writing as a skill that I had to learn or activity I wanted to enjoy. I thought of it as the process to share my thoughts and insights with others.

A new goal #

I want to become a better writer and publish more consistently. That means that I’ll have to have a routine for writing and publishing so I can enjoy it more.

What are you writing about and what do you struggle with?