Elegant editor and smart parser to rival anything available for Craft CMS


Fast, consistent, and extensible markdown editing and parsing with support for GFM.

You may already know that Craft ships with a markdown parser, which you can use in Twig like this:

{% set markdownString = "# Craft can parse markdown text" %}

{{ markdownString | md }}

{# or #}

{{ markdownString | markdown }}

So, if all you want is to parse a markdown string or markdown content in a plain text field, you don’t need Doxter.

If, on the other hand, a lot of your content is going to be driven by markdown, read on.

Editor #

The Doxter editor was designed to be used by developers and content editors alike. It attempts to make markdown more accessible to those who are less technical or haven’t written markdown before.

It also provides deep integration with Craft and the CP.

Parser #

The Doxter parser is more than a parser, it’s actually a set of parsers that work together to provide an incredibly smart conversion.

Markdown is now a first-class citizen in Craft CMS, but beyond that, Doxter makes working with Code Blocks and Shortcodes a joy.

[Work In Progress]

Please forgive my typos, partial docs, and overall mess.

I'm working hard to get everything moved over and provide amazing docs for you, my loyal supporter.

—Selvin Ortiz

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