Parsing Options

Define parsing options at the field level or at runtime

Doxter provides a field and a filter that can take on custom options for parsing your source markdown.

Parsing Options #

Parsing option can be defined globally when defined in the plugin, per field, when the field is created or per call, when passed to a field method or the |doxter({}) filter.

Parsing Filter doxter #

{% set options = {
    parseShortcodes: false,
    addHeaderAnchors: false
} %}

{{ '# Doxter Rules'|doxter(options) }}

doxterFieldHandle.html(options) #

{% set options = {
    parseShortcodes: false,
    addHeaderAnchors: false
} %}

{{ entry.doxterFieldHandle.html(options) }}

Option Reference #

Option Type Default Description
codeBlockSnippet string '' See Fenced Code Blocks
addHeaderAnchors boolean true Whether to parse headers and add anchors for direct linking
addHeaderAnchorsTo array [h1, h2, h3] Which headers to add anchors to if header parsing is enabled
addTypographyStyles bool false Whether Typography Styles should be applied
startingHeaderLevel string h1 Which tag should be use for the initial header
parseReferenceTags boolean true Whether Reference Tags should be parsed
parseShortcodes boolean true Whether Doxter supported shortcodes should be parsed

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