Easy installation from the command line or via the Plugin Store

Plugin Store #

  • Search for Shield
  • Try or Buy
  • Install

Developers #

From your project root directory

$ composer require selvinortiz/shield
$ ./craft install/plugin shield

Configure #

You can use a file config to setup Shield just the way you want.

Below is a sample config you can plance in config/shield.php


return [
    'akismetApiKey' => 'AKISMET_API_KEY',
    'akismetOriginUrl' => 'https://plugindev.test',
    'logSubmissions' => false,
    'enableContactFormSupport' => true,
    'enableGuestEntriesSupport' => true,

[Work In Progress]

Please forgive my typos, partial docs, and overall mess.

I'm working hard to get everything moved over and provide amazing docs for you, my loyal supporter.

—Selvin Ortiz

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