Selvin Ortiz


1.1.0 #

Public release with updated license and docs

  • Adds the updates shortcode for elegant styling of update notes
  • Adds responsive image and fluid video vimeo|youtube shortcodes
  • Adds the ability to place the toolbar at the top, bottom or both #15
  • Improves default shortcodes with the ability to provide custom templates
  • Improves parsing by triggering events before each parsing routine
  • Removes all traces of ace editor which proved inconsistent
  • Updates license, docs, and changelog

1.0.9 #

Lots of refactoring but remains backwards compatible.

  • Adds a dedicated DoxterMarkdownParser for further abstraction
  • Adds support for a raw parameter for all shortcodes to use if verbatim
  • Adds a new addTypographyStyles setting to let Doxter typogrify content
  • Updates to the latest stable version of Parsedown and ParsedownExtra
  • Updates the fitvids.js lib for vimeo|youtube shortcode
  • Updates DoxterModel::__toString() to return the source markdown/text
  • Updates field type name/lable from Doxter Markdown to Doxter
  • Updates tests to target the recent updates

1.0.8 #

  • Adds support for defining a custom starting header level #13
  • Adds a new startingHeaderLevel setting
  • Adds a new parseShortcodes setting
  • Updates settings UI with cleaner field definitions
  • Fixes version number behind in plugin class
  • Removes the need for the parseReferenceTagsRecursively setting

1.0.7 #

  • Adds doxter()->registerShortcode()
  • Adds doxter()->registerShortcodes()
  • Adds shortcodes via doxter.beforeShortcodeParsing event for optimal loading
  • Adds better return type hinting on DoxterBaseParser::instance()
  • Adds support for attributes w/o values in shortcode definition
  • Adds the ability to modify or skip all parsing via event.performAction
  • Adds a complete set of events to allow hooking into before parsing
  • Improves the way shortcodes are registered with Doxter
  • Improves video shortcode by allowing title and byline to be used for vimeo
  • Improves the doxter filter by returning RichTextData if necessary
  • Remove DoxterShortcodeParser::init() when made unnecessary

1.0.6 #

  • Adds DoxterShortcodeParser
  • Adds DoxterShortcodeModel
  • Adds the ability to use and register shortcodes
  • Adds initial implementation of custom shortcodes
  • Adds the ability to render plugin templates if site request
  • Updates version number in plugin to 1.0.6
  • Updates developer URL to user the HTTPS version
  • Updates import statements to avoid wildcard slowness

1.0.5 #

  • Fixes asset selector modal
  • Updates DoxterModel to return html from its __toString method

1.0.4 #

  • Adds support for parsing globals by handle
  • Improves recursive parsing of md with reftags

0.6.2 - 1.0.3 #

  • Fixes issue where editor undo/redo behavior was unstable
  • Improves doxter with a complete rewrite of the core

0.6.1 - 0.6.2 #

  • Fixes typos in the settings page
  • Updates grammar in settings page
  • Fixes an issue caused by iconv() not being defined in some environments
  • Fixes some deprecation issues and spacing
  • Improves header parsing by generating slugs the craft way
  • Improves dependency management

0.5.1 - 0.6.0 #

  • Adds the HeaderParser class
  • Adds the ReferenceTagParser class
  • Adds the [Zit][zit] dependency container
  • Adds [reference tag][refTags] parsing support
  • Adds a [reference tag][refTags] toolbar to the editor
  • Adds header parsing support to dynamically add anchors
  • Adds the ability to choose what headers to add anchors to
  • Adds a test suite with solid coverage
  • Fixes parsing issue with markdown table adjacent to lists
  • Fixes settings issue #7 where enableWordWrap did not stick
  • Improves [GFM][gfm] parsing when processing large amount of data
  • Improves documentation available in the [readme][readme]
  • Adds support for the parseRefs filter returned value
  • Adds flexibility by allowing empty and non empty string, and objects
  • Fixes issue #6 where objects that implement __toString were ignored
  • Adds the ability to handle empty fields safely @see issue #5
  • Fixes issue #5 by patching infinite loop triggered by an empty string
  • Improves the doxter filter/function by only processing non empty strings
  • Adds build automation to aid in distribution
  • Removes Markdown Extra and adds Parsedown
  • Removes the use of devMode to embed resources
  • Improves parsing performance and consistency
  • Fixes a few rendering issues related to JS event binding
  • Fixes many styling issues related to name collision in CSS
  • Adds support for Matrix
  • Fixes a few rendering issues related to JS
  • Fixes many styling issues related to CSS
  • Adds support for multiple instances of Doxter Markdown within a single entry type
  • Improves button styling for write/preview modes

0.5.0 #

  • Adds tabbed UI for write/preview modes
  • Fixes path issues with production resources
  • Fixes word wrap, white space, and tab size issues @ #1
  • Improves the speed of getDevMode() by avoiding system call
  • Improves template rendering speed by removing the form macro

0.4.0 #

  • Adds a Doxter Markdown fieldtype
  • Adds test suite skeleton to flesh out on 1.0.0
  • Adds uncommitted build directory to manage distributions

0.3.0 #

Initial preview release

  • Adds the ability to parse markdown
  • Adds the ability to parse github style fenced code blocks