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I write about design, development, Craft CMS, personal finances, minimalism, and my family.

5 Tips to Keep More of the Money You Make

Stop focusing (only) on making money and start focusing on keeping more of the money you make.

Why I Suck at Writing and Publishing Consistently

A short article on why I suck at writing/​publishing consistently and what I’m going to do to fix it.

5 Things I Love About Visual Studio Code

If you are a Sublime Text or Atom user, you may want to check out Visual Studio Code.

New Job at Kingdom Advisors

I am happy to announce that I will be starting the new year working for a company headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Farewell Barrel Strength

A bittersweet announcement about transitioning out of my leading role at Barrel Strength.

Porting Patrol To Craft 3

This weekend, I ported one of my Craft CMS plugins (Patrol) to Craft 3

Life Without Vagrant

I stopped using Vagrant and start using MAMP Pro. It is now six months later and I could not be happier with my decision.

Rendering Templates In Custom Locations

A quick and safe way to render templates outside default paths defined by Craft.

My First MacBook Pro

It took lots of saving and weeks of research but I finally got a MacBook Pro.

An Objective Look At Craft CMS

An objective look at the good, the bad, and the missing parts in Craft CMS.

More Quality Time With Family In 2015

The one thing I want the most in 2015, is to make more quality time for my family and make them a priority.

Traversing Arrays Using Dot Notation

Dot notation is a handy way to traverse arrays and a nice built-in feature in Craft CMS that I use often.

Storing Global Variables In Craft

A developer oriented approach to storing and using global content in Craft CMS.

Falling In Love With NodeJS

Learn why NodeJS will be my tool of choice for building command line applications from now on.

Hello World

Learn about the launch of my new blog and what to expect.

Let’s Work Together

If you’d like to work together, have questions about any of my Craft CMS Plugins or just want to say hello, send me an email.

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